A year back in Malaysia

Its been a year since I flew back from Adelaide to Malaysia because of the pandemic. I’ve been through self quarantine, and this moment — Malaysia is back to the second Lockdown as in cases increase from day to day.

By the way, manage to get a temporary job one of the asia popular tourism company in Malaysia with contract employment for 6 months. I have no other choice at this period and I know I have to accept this to maintain my income during the pandemic. Started my first job in September 2020, I cant believe I am working in a position where I felt it is not challenging at all but in term income it quite competitive in the market.

A year a go today, I was transiting from Sydney to catch an international flight back to Malaysia.

Time flies, time came closer to the end of the contract employment but I am in a doubt of wanted to be extend or decide to leave. I am aiming to get New year, New Me, New Job, new Challenge. But with the current situation of the COVID-19 in malaysia is increasing from day to day. On the day of 29 January 2021, Malaysia achieve the higher cases with the number of 5,725 cases within a day.

Didn’t not expect the pandemic still continue and force to continue undertake the contract extension with the current employment to secure the job and maintain an income. I struggle when I am working in a field where I am not enjoying and sick of the job since first month in the operation. But I always told myself, it just another few months of extension, suck it up and continue. Thing might get better for the next few months and opportunity will appear sometime within the period.

It is common to feel lost at some point, but sometime it just giving you a hint of slowing down the steps and try to look back, rethink and replan what we really wanted to achieve within the year.

Negativity will not solve the issue, but it helps to turn our mindset into something out of the box where the creativity came from. I finally make up my mind and decide to resigned from my current position and looking forward for upcoming challenge. The moment when I hand in my resignation letter I felt relieve and resigning without a job offer where there is a risk of having difficulty in term of searching for next job, but I do really looking forward for the next job and challenge.

On the other hand, vaccine is finally available in Malaysia but because of the after vaccine symptom and it impacted on the amount of people register for the vaccine. But most of the hospitality and tourism industry is reopening with term and condition set by the government for all the business to comply with as well as to reduce the chances for another outbreak.

Officially counting down for the remaining working day in the current company and thing has come to the end. To be honest, the reason of leaving this job is because the way on managing the employee inappropriate way and didn’t show the professionalism as a customer service. They mostly care about the result (Key Performance Indicator = KPI) and implementing unnecessary procedure that impacted the procedure become complicated and difficult where it can be resolve in a simple and easy way. Sometime is good to implement something new to become more efficient but most of the time they implement something that reduce the efficiency where I feel hopeless and disappointing. All above is just is just my opinion about my thought of my current job and it is one of the reason where I decide to resign.

I am really excited and looking forward for the upcoming challenges and opportunity.



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